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Safer Sex

No sex is risk free but there are some simple steps you can take to minimise those risks.

Our existence is to offer a place where bareback sex and drug taking are not allowed, we offer a unique alternative to the ChemSex and BB scenes. We insist all members wear condoms for anal sex to reduce the chances of STI transmission but testing & personal responsibility lies with everyone. We actively promote regular testing & work with local sexual health groups who supply us with condoms. We do not challenge members about their sexual health and expect people to be responsible.

We monitor activity at our events and anyone found having bareback sex will be asked to leave and will be removed as a member. Additionally, all members confirm when they sign up that they will report any such activity, this includes at events or posts which promote or encourage BB sex in the chat groups. Any member found to be 'liking' such posts will be removed - this robust policy is there to protect our members.

Support & Resources


The UK Government removed all restrictions in 2022, however, sensible precautions are still very much advised and venues still have the right to implement their own policy.


If one of our venues insist on certain precautions we will make this clear on the event ticket.

Variants of the virus continue to evolve and we continually monitor public health information to ensure that our parties remain safe. We will always adhere to any updated Government advice or relevant legislation as the situation changes.

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