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Our Membership Terms

StableMaster is an exclusive club for guys who are respectful and looking for social and safer sex parties. Our age range is 18 to 55 but we consider older guys who are in shape. You don't need to be an adonis or an athlete, but we do like guys to be in proportion. 

All applications are reviewed by our Admin Team and from time to time we reject applications from guys that don't quite fit our criteria, or in some cases to avoid us being oversubscribed by a particular type. It's important we balance our age group, likes etc to make our parties go with a bang!
If your application to join us is rejected then please don't be offended!

If you want to become a member of our club then you must agree to comply with our rules at all times.

You must agree to;

  • Not indulge in anal sex without a condom at any of our events

  • Do not post or respond to videos or photos of bareback sex within our chat groups

  • Not take part in, suggest, encourage or promote illegal activity of any kind

  • Be polite and friendly to all other members when using the chat facilities

  • Understand that everyone has their own tastes and respect that no means no

  • Bring to our attention any activity that breaks our rules

  • Consent to receiving emails from us

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