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"Ok so I am still reliving hot moments from last night. I was so nervous about attending my first WCM party. Having driven up for London, I was rather anxious about turning up not having spoken to anyone, but everyone, volunteers, bar staff & the attendees were all so warm and considerate. And the play, oh all the fucking play...I honesty don't know where the time went. Suffice to say, I am worn out but boy am I smiling. Bring on the London event!"

"Had the best time at SWEAT last night., was great to meet so many hot guys - lovely to see so many newbies enjoying themselves! 

Can't wait for the next event already ;)"

"Not long home from the FIRE event. It was a last minute decision and such a good one.

The admin team are super friendly and the venue was great, a number of the guys attending really helped put me at ease and it wasn't long before the fun started.

I met some really great guys.

Super thanks to the organisers and here's to the next one!"

"Hey guys, I enjoyed every second in the party!

Thank you all for bringing such a good time after the lockdown.

The sun beds are so tempting. Everyone is so hot.

Unlike the dark rooms in ordinary saunas or clubs, this place does provide sun, wind, greens and pleasure."

"My first event and boy it didn’t disappoint. Great venue, great hosts and of course a fine selection of hot guys.

The whole event just had great vibe, hope another one is organised soon"

"Had the best experience at one of your events. Can't wait to come back and meet more of you guys"

"What an amazing night it was. I've still got a massive grin all over my face!"

"FIRE @ VA - So this was my 4th event and I loved the venue. I can see how well it would work for the camping event.

I met a few familiar faces as well as some new lads which was great.

There were some impressive cocks that got my mouth watering!

A big thank you to the Admin guys who pull out all the stops to make sure we have a hot and horny time.

If you haven't been to an event yet, then you are seriously missing out.

I look forward to the next one"

"Smashing party. Relaxed and a horny event. Great people, great location for a great time! Looking forward to the next event. Thanx"

"SWEAT @ Splash was awesome!

So good to see so many guys turn out. Great chilled atmosphere downstairs and lots of horny fucking upstairs. I love that you get the best of both worlds at these parties."

"Thank you for a great night! We enjoyed ourselves very much.

Really well organised and a great atmosphere upstairs and downstairs.

A lovely, varied group of guys - friendly and hot too!"

"Me and my partner had the best time last night.

All friendly guys and a great venue.

Looking forward to the next one.

Till next time, see you in Manchester."

"Well done to the organisers and thanks to all that attended who made me feel alive again"

"I didn't arrive until late but when I got there I was greeted by the lovely team and shown around the venue.

As this was my first event, I was slightly nervous but was made to feel at ease straight away. 

I really enjoyed myself and I'm so happy I have found a group where safe sex is a priority and really nice guys. 

I will be planning to attend as many events in 2022 as possible. 

Amazing night, and a massive thanks to the team and the venue staff."

"Great party last night, was my first one, glad I went, had very good horny fun, thanks to all the guys for making it fun x"

"Had a really good time at this well organised for event, lots of great action taking place all over.

All in all lovely event and lots of fun was had - thank you team for all your hard work and effort"

"Had such a good time yesterday at bollock naked.. was a great vibe and the staff were so accommodating.

It was our first event with WCM so we were pretty nervous.

Had some hot fun with a group of guys and gave people a bit of a show.

The venue is awesome, shame we didn’t get to play more as we left pretty early but that was just nerves.

But had some lovely messages since people now know who we are, again the staff and admin are great.

And couldn't praise them enough for the job and effort they put in to make u feel at ease.

Thinking about attending. DO IT…."

"The dark room was a find and a pleasure zone. Full of sweaty breathing horned up fitties sharing each others bodies.

The excitement of having to rely on touch and smell added to my horned up state.

Rimming a trim fit hole in there really did blow the covid cobwebs away"

"Well what can I say that hasn't been said. The 100 guy orgy yesterday was awesome.

Arrived and the lads made you feel really at ease, gave a quick tour of the venue and then let us loose.

The venue was perfect, the Jacuzzi was a good spot to start things off.

Mutual wanking, kissing and sucking before some action took place elsewhere.

The communal fuck beds were like a performing stage where you could participate, wank on the side or just look.

Took part in a couple of group actions here, horned up to the max"

"What a day, so many fit lads. Good set up, me and bf were a bit nervous walking in but were put at ease by the admin and staff and we soon got into the action. Looking forward to the next event!"

"Attended my first WCM Party at Swindon - great bunch of guys, chilled out and friendly, and very horny. Felt at ease the moment I walked through the door and had a thoroughly good, ball-draining afternoon! First event then, but most definitely wont be the last!"

"Hey guys, I enjoyed every second in the party!

Thank you all for bringing such a good time after the lockdown. The sun beds are so tempting. Everyone is so hot. Unlike the dark rooms in ordinary saunas or clubs, this place does provide sun, wind, greens and pleasure."

"First time attending FIRE - Wow! It was an incredible experience.

Great team working to make me feel welcome and show me the way. I was petrified to walk in but as soon as I overcame my nervousness I had endless fun.

Left drained and well happy. Members were really friendly and very inclusive.

Venue fantastic, spotless and all in all I will be back for more."

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